A Look into Larry’s World

Graphite & Colored Pencil Artist

As a self taught artist for the most part, with some strong parental genetic implants and the drive and desire to improve with each piece of artwork, I find myself frequently questioning my degree of growth- because the road ahead seems even rougher, steeper and longer than it does behind me.  Perhaps it is the same for many artists.

I started out as a child designing cars, boats, and rockets and sometimes even drawing animals from National Geographic magazines.  Art came very naturally to me in school and I was always excited when the opportunity presented itself in my homework to draw something.  Most all of my drawing was with a pencil until I got into fifth grade and was asked to do a mural on the blackboard with a couple of my classmates using colored chalk, after that I experimented with just about anything that would make a mark on paper.  During the summer break after ninth grade I took a class in landscape oil painting, it was interesting but difficult.  I went back to my pencils and through high school I took every class that I could in art and drafting, mechanical and architectural.  After high school my drawing stopped for ten years while I saw a lot of the world from 500 feet underwater aboard Navy submarines.  When I was discharged from the Navy, I went back to college, and acquired an Associate of Science Degree in Architectural Drafting and Design.  Back to my beloved pencils, I went to work with an electrical engineering firm full time and moonlighted doing architectural renderings for the local newspaper and homes for a builder.

Over the years after that I kept my hand in drawing mostly for fun and sometimes for church or local activities.  Seven years ago my wife asked me why don’t I stop drawing on napkins and scrap paper and do it professionally.  That was the beginning of a new life for us, after I had accumulated enough drawings I started to apply for Fine Art shows.  I thought for the first few years that being selected for judging was the greatest!  This past year I received one Award of Merit, and two First in Category Awards, either I am really getting better or the Judges are getting easier. In either case it has been so wonderful to be acknowledged as an artist in my category.

I do hope that you will find the depth and quality of my work as well as the life experiences, humor and detail that I have tried to develop within each stroke of my pencil.  It is with my heart and soul only that I draw, through the grace of God and the gift that he has so graciously showered upon me.

-Larry Harrington